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Law Enforcement Officers Of America 218th US Regulated Badge

Law Enforcement Officers Of America 218th US Regulated Badge

$ 100.00

Law Enforcement Officers of America 218th US Regulated Badge for qualified active and qualified retired American Law Enforcement Officers. 

The first police officers were hired to patrol Boston Massachusetts in April 1838. This was many years prior to the establishment of the first in the nation Boston Police Department. From its earliest days police officers have responded to all threats as individual officers called to protect their jurisdictions and its citizens. With just 6 officers hired to protect the city the value of having armed protectors was realized and expanded over these past 180 years. 

In 2004, President George W. Bush signed 2 laws collectively referred to as thr Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act or LEOSA allowing qualified active and retired law enforcement officers to carry concealed weapons nationally. Police officers refer to the LEOSA by its early name HR 218. We embrace LEOSA as the 218th US regulated militia. To do this wE’ve taken the LEOSA law and put it in the context of the Second Amendment to the United States Consitution reference to a well regulated militia. It’s easy to see that LEOSA clearly established a regulated and armed militia by identifying its members. It didn’t and we don’t establish the militia as an entity or organization. In fact the LEOSA right to carry concealed weapons is independent of agency affiliation for protection of self and others. 

Qualified active and qualified retired law enforcement Officers to carry under LEOSA are invited to purchase this beautifully crafted badge created for us by Smith and Warren. The badge is offered in nickel plate finish with black lettering. Choose flat with wallet clip it clasp with curve. Center seal with black rim from the state or federal agency where you became qualified. 

Custom manufactured in sbout 4 weeks.