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What Is A FlexBadge Emblem?

FlexBadge is a 3D flexible alternative to the traditional law enforcement patch and direct embroidery.  FlexBadge is exceptionally detailed and has a metallic finish, thus it conveys authority.  Equally important we offer subdued finishes for your tactical needs.  Just like a metal badge you can order your FlexBadge in gold, silver, black, gunmetal, and we even offer a pink finish.  Therefore, ordering a FlexBadge is very similar to ordering a metal badge.  Additionally, you can personalize FlexBadge with the lettering, finish, seal, and backing of your choice.  We have custom and standard offerings available, so we have a solution that will meet your needs.  Have we piqued your interest? If so, contact an authorized Blackinton dealer or our sales team.  Below is additional information about our FlexBadge offering.

  • Lightweight and metallic in appearance, unlike a law enforcement patch
  • Flexible, hence has a comfortable fit
  • More detailed and authentic looking than a law enforcement patch or direct embroidery, thus it conveys authority
  • Heat press activated textile adhesive for permanent use on uniforms and caps
  • No minimums on standard styles, so you can purchase one or a thousand FlexBadges
  • Hard Surface adhesion, so it’s perfect for helmets, equipment, and outerwear
  • Die cut Velcro application available, therefore it’s interchangeable
  • Lies flat on material and will not buckle, unlike embroidery
  • Dry cleaning and household laundry safe