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03 Apr '24

Boston's Policing Revolution: The Birth of the Day Police on May 21, 1838

“In 1838, Boston pioneered a new era of law enforcement with the creation of the Day Police. This innovative force, enabled by a legislative act on May 21, 1838, was tasked with upholding the city’s laws during daylight hours. The first officers appointed in April 1838 marked the beginning of a more professional and centralized approach to policing, setting a precedent for future urban law enforcement across America.”
01 Apr '24

Mourning Bands History & Innovations

The evolution of mourning bands has seen significant innovations to meet the needs of its users. From the initial use of black electrical tape, Badgeart has created a range of innovations to meet your needs These innovations have ensured that mourning bands continue to serve as powerful symbols of respect, grief, awareness, and solidarity.
23 Mar '24

First Responders Put Themselves on the Thin Orange Line to End Gun Violence

In a nation grappling with gun violence, public safety first responders are pivotal. They don the thin orange line bands from Badgeart as a beacon of dialogue and action against this scourge. These bands are more than mere symbols; they are a call to educate, advocate, and support. Police officers, in the wake of mass shootings, extend beyond their call of duty, offering solace, resources, and investigative prowess to heal and safeguard communities. The thin orange line is a silent yet potent herald of a collective resolve to stem the tide of gun violence.

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