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24 Jul '24

Honoring Heroes, Elevating Tradition: Customizable Mourning Bands for Your Agency

Badgeart, in partnership with Mourningbands.org, offers a new standard in mourning bands for public safety agencies. Our customizable bands allow you to honor fallen colleagues with designs that reflect your agency's unique identity and values. Unlike mass-produced alternatives, Badgeart prioritizes quality, durability, and personalized tributes. Choose from a wide range of styles, including classic options and custom creations. With efficient ordering and fast turnaround, your team can wear these meaningful symbols of respect and solidarity with pride. Contact Badgeart today to elevate your agency's tradition of honoring the fallen.
22 Jul '24

Mourning Bands: A Mission Impacted by Postal Delays

Mourning Bands: A Mission Impacted by Postal Delays

Recent changes in the US Postal System have made the timely delivery of mourning bands increasingly challenging for Mourningbands.org. Priority Mail, once a reliable two-day service, now takes considerably longer, mirroring the slower First Class option. Even Priority Mail Express, designed for urgent deliveries, can take up to a week to arrive. Unreliable tracking and missed delivery times further compound these delays.

In light of these challenges, Mourningbands.org urges customers to order bands preemptively, exceeding the number of badges they need to cover. This minimizes the expense and uncertainty of ordering during a time of loss. For custom-imprinted honor mourning bands, immediate ordering is recommended to maximize timely delivery.

Despite postal delays, Mourningbands.org remains committed to its mission. By working together, we can ensure these symbols of respect are readily available when needed most.

16 Jul '24

How to Select Mourning Bands for a Fallen Law Enforcement Officer

Mourning bands are a simple yet powerful way to honor fallen law enforcement officers. Whether you choose the traditional black band or the symbolic thin blue line, the gesture speaks volumes. Selecting the right mourning band involves considering factors like size, material, and agency policies. By ordering in advance and ensuring the correct fit, you can respectfully honor the memory of a fallen hero.

12 Jul '24

Honoring Our Fallen K-9 Heroes: A Tribute Worthy of Their Sacrifice

gold Special police officer badge with mourning band imprinted with canine paw among other bands with paw and K9 imprints from mourningbands.org

The bond between a K-9 officer and their handler is one of the strongest in law enforcement. These brave dogs aren't just partners; they're family. The loss of a K-9 officer is a devastating blow, leaving a void not only in the handler's professional life but also in their personal one, as many K-9s are beloved members of their handler's household.

Research shows that this loss can trigger a deep grief, often mirroring the loss of a human loved one. Handlers may experience intense sadness, guilt, and even PTSD. The ripple effect of this loss extends beyond the handler, touching fellow officers and the community the K-9 served.

To honor the memory of these fallen heroes, special mourning bands have been designed. Available in both traditional black and Thin Blue Line versions, these bands bear either a "K9" or paw print imprint, allowing for a personalized tribute to a beloved partner.

06 Jul '24

Honor Fallen Heroes: Personalized Mourning Bands for Public Safety

Posted by George Brown in custom mourning bands
Badgeart Perfect Fit Custom Imprinted Mourning Bands: A discreet and respectful way to honor fallen heroes, even when traditional metal badges aren't worn. Custom-cut for a seamless fit on embroidered, Flex, or wallet badges, these bands fill an unmet need in the evolving landscape of public safety uniforms.

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