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13 Mar '17

Badges and Brass: Suggestions for Chiefs on cleaning out that bottom drawer.

American Police Veterans provides products and services to public safety agencies.
We specialize in the badges, awards, and recognition services you need for secure identification and recognition of officers and their service.
We’ll help you upgrade your agency badges to help you control your badge inventory. We do that by offering you the options you need to control the cost and ultimately the security level to meet your needs.
We know every chief has a bottom draw filled with broken, obsolete, or unneeded badges, commendation bars, metals, and collar brass. We’ll show you how you can turn that draw into the means of regaining control of your badge inventory.
We can:
• repair your badges,
• convert them into plaques or acrylic embedment awards,
• sell them back to your officers when they become obsolete,
• rebrand them with a custom seal while we a refurbish it,
• recycle the brass destroying your old badges and brass, or
• Replace with new Secure Shield, SecureShift, security technology.
Mourning Bands: We provide mourning bands for all uniformed public safety professionals. Our new Mourning Bars for embroidered, imprinted and flexible vinyl badges will meet your casual and tactical needs when mourning a death.
Badges: We’ll build your custom badges with V.H. Blackinton, Smith & Warren, Ga-Rel, or Hook Fast badge companies.
Commendation Bars and Awards: We’ll build commendation bars, awards, and ribbons to your specifications.
Name Bars/ Plates: We’ll build your name plates to meet your needs. We source through several manufacturers to match your current design or to offer you options on price or design.
Acrylic Badge Embedment Awards: We specialize in Acrylic Embedment Awards that will save you money.
Please visit our sites www.badgeart.com and www.mourningbands.Org or contact us for more information.