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When tragedy strikes, we've got you covered.

01 Sep '16

NEW Mourning Bar Magnetic Badge Cover for cloth and flexible badges

NEW Mourning Bar Magnetic Badge Cover for cloth and flexible badges. Law enforcement officers, firefighters, emergency medical services members and others have been looking for a mourning badge cover for embroidered, cloth and flexible plastic badges. You'll wear this mourning band style badge shroud with the pride, respect  and professionalism you require when mourning fallen brothers and sisters. The MBC-Mag1 was developed to meet your needs. http://www.mourningbands.org

"When tragedy strikes, we've got you covered."

1/2" H x 1 3/4" W

Ships in 1 -5 days.

Badges not included.

26 Sep '15

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month at MourningBands.Org

Posted by George Brown

The bravest and the finest wear pink during October. www.mourningbands.org
Police officers, firefighters, EMS, and other public safety badge wearers are showing their support for family, friends, & community to raise awareness of breast cancer. Please help us raise shields in the battle against breast cancer with like and a share.

09 Sep '15

Cancer Awareness in the Volunteer Fire Service

A video by the Firemen’s Association of the State of New York (FASNY) tells the story of the cancer in the fire service. Our challenge is to make sure firefighters and their families aren't abandoned when they've put it all on the line for others. Pink Thin Red Line mourning bands raise awareness.

"A cancer diagnosis is always tragic, and tragedy has been mounting among volunteer firefighters. New York State is home to over 90,000 volunteer firefighters who sacrifice their time, their safety and, too often, their health in service to their communities.
Firefighters like those featured in this video are significantly more likely to develop many types of cancer than the general population, largely due to the high levels of carcinogens and other toxins found in burning buildings and hazardous environments."  - FASNY