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POLICE PTSD/Suicide Awareness Pin & Ribbon Set

POLICE PTSD/Suicide Awareness Pin & Ribbon Set

$ 10.00

Make a powerful statement with the POLICE PTSD/Suicide Awareness Brass Combo Ribbon Set. We've combined a set of 1/2 in. POLICE Collar Brass with the PTSD / Suicide awareness ribbon.  Perfect for civilian advocates too. 

It can be pinned or displayed in many creative ways communicating support and inviting conversations among law enforcement officers.

Making Mental Health a Priority for all First Responders and their Families

Our mission is to provide education, support and viable self-help tools to all Public Safety Personnel and their families for the purpose of managing and reducing the compressive stress effects, such as PTSD and suicide.

Set includes:

1/2 in. POLICE Die Cut Collar Brass 

1 teal & purple PTSD / Suicide Awareness Ribbon

1 Thin Blue Line Ribbon

1 Purple Domestic Violence Awareness Ribbon

1  Black Mourning Ribbon

Availble in Nickel or Gold Electroplated Finish

Ships in 1 day.