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Policevet Tombstone Badge  for Retired Law Enforcement Officers

Policevet Tombstone Badge for Retired Law Enforcement Officers

$ 69.99

This badge is known as the Policevet's Tombstone Badge. It is made by American Police Veterans for American Police Veterans retired, disabled and other former law enforcement officers.

M.embers chose this name because of its shape and many said they'd take it proudly to their grave.

The number 1 reflects on the Policevets" motto, "Never Alone - Together as One" 

The design of this badge goes back over 100 years to the C.G. Braxmar Company of New York. Many variations of the design can be found, but the shape is a piece of the rich history and tradition of law enforcement. V.H. Blackinton & Company was been a key figure in the history of law enforcement since 1852. Many Policevets have proudly worn badges, awards and commendations manufactured by Blackinton. It is a great tribute to the fine men and women of the law enforcement profession. Look for this badge to be an icon on retirement plaques, grave stones, caskets and urns. This badge is offered in rhodium, gold, bronze and gun metal finishes . This shield is available with several attachment options. Clasp and pin badges will be struck with a curve, other attachments will be struck flat. The badge is struck solid. Not available in shell.

2 1/2" W x 3 1/4" H,  Weight 2.3 oz.

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