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Police Lives Matter Fidelis Ad Mortem Badge

Police Lives Matter Fidelis Ad Mortem Badge

$ 100.00

Law Enforcement Officers of America Police Lives Matter Fidelis Ad Mortem Badge. Police officers are Faithful Onto Death in service to their community. They are asked to do the improbable with limited training, resource and support. Law enforcement officers are the most visible and accessible members of government called upon to hand all of the things politicians fail to address. From failure to fund proper staffing, and training to placing officers at the forefront in dealing with mental illness, poverty and homelessness.

Somehow, it's ok to minimize the value of the few in America that put their lives on the line for the many. Violence by police is surely an appropriate and important issue demanding a high standard of review. But violence toward police must be looked at and addressed as well. Police officers are dying and suffering career ending injuries at an alarming rate targeted because they wear a badge. Is it a surprise many officers are hypervigilant. Lastly, far too many police are dying at their own hand. 

Their is no dispute. All lives matter! Let's not let anyone minimize the value of police officer lives nor the treasures lost when they sacrifice in service to our country.

Offered in rhodium or gold electroplate as we appreciate the value of an untarnished badge. 

Size: 2.375"W X 3.125"H

Clasp & Pin or no attachment

Preproduction image.

Please allow us 3-4 weeks to manufacture your badge. 

Manufactured by Smith & Warren and covered by their lifetime warranty.