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first responders prayer card thin blue line for law enforcement robed cross ptsd prevention police

First Responder Prayer Card Thin Blue Line Robed Cross

$ 2.00

First Responder Prayer Card  with a Thin Blue Line Robe on Cross. Laminated 2 1/8” x 3 3/8” Wallet Prayer Card. 

It’s not the job of a first responder to carry other people’s trauma. They need a daily prayer or affirmation giving themselves permission to pass it on to someone in a position to handle it. The First Responder Prayer is a tool helping police, firefighters, EMS and others confront, manage and control the weight of cumulative stress. 

This prayer seeks to create a gap between an exposure to trauma and the sleep cycle. A positive acknowledgement of the trauma and the victims through faithful prayer gives it proper place to reside in the heart and mind. When we allow traumatizing events to enter the sleep cycle we give them license to randomly attach to our emotional triggers good and bad.

laminated double sided.