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American LEO 1838 Commemorative Flex Badge

American LEO 1838 Commemorative Flex Badge

$ 35.00

180 years years of service. 24-7-365-180

In 1838, a bill passed in the Massachusetts General Court that allowed the city of Boston to appoint police officers, paving the way for the creation of a formal police department. The Boston Police Department was formally founded in May 1854, at which point both the night watch and Day Police were disbanded. The Day Police, which had no connection to the night watch, was organized as a result of the 1838 law. The Day Police operated under the city marshal and had six appointed officers. The day and might watches remained separate until 1854. The establishment of the day watch started law enforcements 24/7/365 call to service. This organization would eventually lead to the establishment of the modern-day Boston Police Department. 

Offered by American Police Veterans / Badgeart.

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FlexBadge with adhesive backing offers a secure permanent alternative to the traditional law enforcement badge and imprinted insignia on awards and other non uniform applications.
Many applications including on, awards, gifts, caskets, urns, grave stones.


  • Lightweight, Flexible, Durable metallic in appearance.
  • Adheres permanently to hard surfaces
  • 'NEW' Hardsurface application to helmets, equipment, 
  • Die cut Adhesive Backing
  • Lies flat on material will not buckle.
  • Same size and features as the popular B296 Blackinton metal badge 2 1/4" x 3"
  • Ships in approximately 2 weeks.